Jul 292010

Wow, I’ve been a bad little blogger lately, haven’t I?  In some ways, a brief hiatus has been nice, because I’ve had a productive couple of weeks around here.  Also, I’m still working on finding a job (though some possibilities have just opened up, so keep fingers crossed!), so the time has gotten a little scarce.  Nevertheless, I’m back in business full-time, so check in each Monday night for a new entry.  Also, if you click on an individual post, you can now subscribe to an RSS feed of the blog or share entries on social networking sites.

Last week, I made hamburger buns.  As you know, I’m big on making things from scratch rather than buying them, especially if I can avoid all the nasty packaging and food preservatives.  I got to looking at bags of buns in the grocery store the other day and thought, “I can make those!”  A look at the ingredients in a bag of hamburger buns confirmed it – there is no need for high-fructose corn syrup to be in my buns!

So, I found this recipe on Food Network and followed it.  The results were excellent, and they really weren’t hard to make. If you can make bread in a bread machine, you can make these buns.  Benefits: no preservatives, better taste, and garbage-free!  (Hamburger bun bags are, by the way, technically recyclable, but still – one less plastic bag is not a bad thing).  Here’s what I did:

1. Gather ingredients.  Everything is packaged in recyclable or compostable paper or plastic. 

2. Make the dough.  It needs to rise, twice. 

3. Divide dough into equally sized balls.  The recipe calls for 10, but I think I could have gotten 12 buns out of it.

4. Cut each dough ball in half.

5. Pinch 2 halves back together.  Don’t pinch too hard, just enough to make the top stay put.  Otherwise, you’ll pinch the halves back into one piece of dough.  Once the buns are baked, they should pull apart nicely.

6. Sprinkle with onion or sesame seeds, then let rise for half hour.  Right before baking, brush with melted butter.

7. Enjoy!

If you have leftovers, they only keep for three or four days.  Otherwise, stick them in the freezer and they’ll keep until you’re ready to use again.

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  5 Responses to “Homemade hamburger (or veggie burger) buns”

  1. Yum… I will have to try this. I’ve got a lot of time on my hands…

    You are so creative Amy! Thanks for sharing this recipe and others so I can copy!

  2. those look GREAT! way cool thanks !!

  3. These are great!!! Store-bought buns are kinda mushy and flavorless anyway, so this is really exciting. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Amy, have you seen that Sharpie is up- and recycling their markers? I thought of you when I saw this. http://blog.sharpie.com/misc/terracycle/pop.htm

  5. [...] journey to helping others go trash-free, too.  This means tutorials and how-tos, more posts like this one that show how to make homemade hamburger buns.  Anything you’ve ever wanted to know how to [...]

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